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The pages of this site feature video clips, quotes, links & memes for hundreds of reports – in news & science journals – on how our food choices today affect: our future health, living standards, climate change, pollution, resource sustainability, deforestation, biodiversity, extinctions & related human & animal welfare issues.
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New Content:

Deforestation & Mass Land Clearing for Animal Agriculture (2018-Mar)

Egg Consumption & Higher Rates of Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Disease, CVD, CHD. (2017-Mar additions)

Red Meat & Increased Rates of Cancers, Heart Disease & Early Death (2018-Mar additions)

Soy Foods: Studies & Doctors Report Great Health Benefits & Debunk Myths (2018-Feb additions)

Mental Health Improved by Anti-Inflammatory Plant-based Diets (2018-Feb additions)

Climate Change & Pollution: How Much is Due to Meat & Dairy? (2018-Feb additions)

Common Nutritional Deficiencies & Malnutrition in Developed Nations. (2018-Feb)

Farm Animal B12 Deficiency & Supplementation for Meat Dairy Product Consumption (2018-Feb)

Chicken Consumption & Diseases: Cancer, Diabetes, Obesity, Infertility, Hormonal Imbalances, Food Poisoning. (2018-Feb)

Most Doctors Receive Only Several Days Training on Nutrition? (2018-Jan)

Fruits & Vegetables Lower Risks of Cancer, Cardio-Heart Diseases & Overall Mortality. (2018-Jan additions)

Payola Politics: The Influence of Meat & Dairy Industry on Government, Education, News, Media & Health Professionals. (2018-Jan additions)

Diabetes Risks Raised by Eating Meat & Reduced by Plant-based Diets. (2018-Jan additions)

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Main Pages on this Site:

Eating Meat & Dairy Increases Climate Change, Pollution & Damage to Our Environment

Quotes from news reports & science journals on how the Western omnivore diet with meat and dairy products accelerates climate-change through: i) increasing our carbon footprint of greenhouse gases; ii) deforesting & destroying wilderness that absorbs carbon and protects biodiversity; iii) creating massive pollution; and iv) wasting resources like grains, water, fuels and agricultural lands.

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Eating Meat linked to Higher Rates & Risk of Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease & Early Death

Excerpts & links to medical studies, articles & reports on the links between meat consumption and increased incidences of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and early mortality (a shorter lifespan); also to reports on how cancers are increasing in young people.

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Scientific Studies on Health Advantages of Vegans & Vegetarians

Quotes & links to articles in science, medical & health journals that report great benefits vegetarians and vegans generally have including longer lives with less of the chronic degenerative diseases like cancer, cardiovascular heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and obesity as well as lower blood pressure, hypertension and blood cholesterol levels.

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Mass Extinction Loss of Biodiversity caused by Humans

Excerpts & links to articles in news media  science journals about the current ‘Sixth Mass Extinction’ known also as the ‘Holocene Extinction’ or ‘Anthropocene Extinction’ as it is largely caused by human activities.

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Dairy Milk Health Problems – Issues & Risks for Related Disease & Illness

This page contains quotes & links about studies & articles in science journals, news media & by medical doctors on the association of drinking milk to higher rates of osteoporosis, cancer, heart disease and other illnesses

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Risks of Antibiotic-resistant Infectious Diseases due to Animal Agriculture

This page features quotes & links to articles in news media and science journals about the rise of microbes that are resistant to antibiotics; posing a grave threat to all of us; from 50% to 80% of antibiotics are (mis-)used in animal agriculture industries.

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Eating Seafood & Overfishing is Destroying Oceans, Rivers & Wildlife

Excerpts from articles about the marine ecosystem collapse that is happening now in oceans, seas & rivers due to over-fishing and the toxic pollution in waterways from land-based animal agriculture meat-farming; worsening climate change; threatening the entire food chain.

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Studies Find Eating Fish Seafood Not So Healthy With Raised Risks of Disease

Articles from science journals & news reports that dispute the health claims made regards eating fish; some even find higher rates of heart disease and cancer among seafood consumers.

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Are Soy Foods Healthy or Not? Doctors & Nutrition Experts Explain They Are & Refute Some Myths

Quotes & links for reports by doctors, dietitians & science journals on “the soy food debate” regards: the great health benefits; the long-living population of Okinawan Japanese; about the environmental impacts of most soy being fed to livestock animals.

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How the Meat & Dairy Industry Influences Politics, Government, Education, Health Professionals, News & Media

A page of quotes & links to reports that expose how the animal agriculture industries (meat, dairy, poultry) influence government, politics, health professionals, the education schooling system and news media – to encourage them to promote their products; also on how little education medical doctors receive about nutrition during their education.

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Food & Human Evolution of Brain Intelligence

A page of quotes & links to media reports and science journal articles that explain the large role carbohydrate plant foods had in the evolution of human intelligence.

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More To Come
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Food Waste

Sentience & Consciousness of non-Human Animals

Good News – Great Progress is being Made

Relevant Video Film Documentaries

Refutations of Misleading Reports in News Media

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